Automatic tent

Update:03 Apr 2019

Most of the automatic tents are leisure tents. Consider […]

Most of the automatic tents are leisure tents. Considering the needs of the public life, automatic tents are mainly for family gatherings and friends' outings. Because of the convenience of automatic tents, there is no crowd restriction, and a trend has been set among young people. It is quick to open, easy to carry, and fashionable. It is an evaluation given by people with automatic tents, and it also makes the traditional tents receive some impact. The introduction of automatic tents in China is relatively late, and it is a new type of product. It can also be said to be a young person's gadget. But in Europe and the United States, automatic tents have long been one of the must-have items for families. On Sundays, you can see the quick-open tents that have been opened. Nowadays, the tents have been opened to China, which has stimulated the domestic outdoor market, enriched the product Pagoda tentrange, and brought a kind of understanding - the quick opening tent is not only a tent. It is a life attitude! To understand leisure life. The quality of the fast-opening tents on the market is mixed and the prices are different. The low-grade quick-open tent price is around 100 yuan, the price is affordable, but the price is not high, usually only used as a one-time product, and occasionally you can try it once. The unlimited boundaries of the network have allowed its products to be promoted nationwide, and it has also given people a better understanding of automatic tents. A good automatic tent uses a fiberglass rod, which has high elasticity and toughness and can be folded repeatedly, so the life is relatively long. Low-quality automatic tents often use flat wire rods. The tent itself is lighter in weight, but if the wire is twisted and cannot be restored, the tent cannot be used. The automatic tent is usually rounded after folding, which is convenient for the car owners, and some people have become the trunk of the car. The price of high-quality automatic tents on the market (usually for 2-3 people) is usually around 300-400 yuan. Of course, this is only for reference. If there are more automatic tent categories in the future, there will be more price points. When buying a tent, the most concerned about the rain and wind protection function of the tent itself, these high quality tents can be guaranteed. Especially in terms of rain protection, it is no problem to waterproof the tent fabric to 1000mm-1500mm and above. What is waterproof 1000mm? It means that there is no obvious water seepage in the fabric after 1000 hours of water pressure showering. Unless it is cracked at the seaming part, it is unlikely to leak under heavy rain. If the inside of the tent feels wet and cool, it may be due to the water vapor caused by the temperature difference between the inside and outside of the account (like an umbrella). You should not worry about water leakage. Another popular analogy: usually the waterproof capacity of the umbrella is PU 1000mm. According to the actual field experience, the PU800 coating can prevent small to moderate rain in the field environment, and the PU1000-1200 coating can prevent moderate to heavy rain. In addition, some well-crafted brands will add some new features, such as sun protection. The sun protection function is the same as the UV protection of the sun umbrella. I believe this is an index that cannot be ignored for the beauty lovers.China Custom PVC Tents Manufacturers