Can I set up a tent on the beach?

Update:27 Feb 2020

Definitely. Because the geographical environment of the […]

Because the geographical environment of the beach determines what you need to pay attention to: 1. The location of the account should be a little farther from the seawater to prevent the tide from being swept away by you. 2, anti-humidity, it is best to get a reliable moisture-proof pad when setting up a tent on the beach toChina Custom Pagoda Tents Suppliers prevent moisture from invading your body at night. 3, windproof, fasten the ground nails and wind ropes, if necessary, you can find some stones or other heavy items to hold down the ground nails, to prevent the tent and you from being blown away by the strong wind at night. 4, sand prevention, it is best to choose a tent with good airtightness. Good airtightness, in addition to preventing foreign objects from getting into the tent to scare you, will also avoid the tent, sleeping bag, including you, all sand when you get up the next morning.