Can you camp in Joshua Tree without a tent?

Update:14 Mar 2019

This time of year, you're not going to have to worry ab […]

This time of year, you're not going to have to worry about snakes, scorpions and bugs nearly as much as in warmer weather. Generally, coyotes and other mammals also avoid humans. That being said, while I enjoy camping under the stars personally, I don't do it alone (although plenty of people do). It sounds like you plan to go solo.

You're not likely to be in too much danger, but you're the only one who can make the judgement call on that. When a pack of coyotes starts howling a hundredChina Aluminum Tents Suppliers feet away from your camp site, are you going to wish you were enclosed in a tent? A lot of people just don't feel comfortable sleeping out in the open.

Here's where it gets complicated. If you're doing this out of a need to prove yourself somehow, go for it. Ditch the tent. If you're just planning to get away and do some relaxing and meditation, bring the tent. You can choose to use it or not based on your comfort level. It would suck to get where you're going and realize you really would have preferred to have the tent, and not have the option.