Does the tent choose aluminum or glass?

Update:19 Jul 2019

Be sure to choose a double-layer rainproof tent. The wa […]

Be sure to choose a double-layer rainproof tent. The waterproof indicator of the bottom account should reach 5,000, and the waterproof of the outer account should be more than 2000. In addition, in your case, you'd better choose a four-season tent. The aluminum rod is now mainstream, butCustom Aluminum Tents Manufacturer it is slightly more expensive. The glass rod is heavier, but it is relatively cheaper. If you are walking, it is recommended to choose aluminum rods. If you are driving, you can consider the glass rod.
Whether the method of tying the tent when camping is correct also directly affects the windproof and waterproof performance of the tent. Be sure to round out the foreign account, and in addition to the camp you should choose a highland that is some distance from the water source. Be sure to avoid places where there may be safety hazards such as falling rocks and floods.
I am an outdoor enthusiast and an outdoor shop owner, so the advice given to you is an outdoor enthusiast's advice.
Outdoor sports, safety first!
In addition, please pay attention to environmental protection when exercising outdoors! Thank you!

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