From the Qin Dynasty, the luxurious

Update:28 Feb 2019

From the Qin Dynasty, the luxurious "palace" began to b […]

From the Qin Dynasty, the luxurious "palace" began to become the exclusive office and residence of the emperor. The emperors of all ages have built a standard, solemn, and huge palace as their primary task, and the purpose is to reflect the supremacy of the imperial power, and the strict system level of the monarch as the core. Not only the emperor, but also the foreign country. Britain's Buckingham Palace, France's Versailles, Russia's Kremlin, and so on, are all the same.
In history, there used to be a powerful emperor. He was called Timur. You may be able to guess that the palace of Timur, who is nomadic, is a big account, but how luxurious this tent is, I guess you can't think of it.

Throughout the history of the world, Timur's ranking is absolutely ahead. He emerged at the age of twenty-five and quickly rose up in Central Asia. In the next forty years, he led his army, divided into two stages for mad plundering and campaigning, and will indiscriminately invade and expand territory. According to historical records, he has Aluminum tenteliminated more than 100 large and small countries and occupied 25 million square kilometers of territory, which is comparable to the Mongol Empire. In its heyday, the territory spanned West Asia, Central Asia and South Asia. It can be said that there is no difference in the limelight.

The incomparably powerful Timur, naturally, must have a pair of incomparably luxurious tents. Some readers will ask: How luxurious can the tent be more than 500 years ago? The answer is how luxurious and luxurious.
First, let's talk about the size of the tent. According to the history book, the tent of Timur is called the giant sweat account. The entire big account is supported by 12 giant columns and 24 small columns. Another question, how big is the giant pillar? Each giant column consists of three segments. Otherwise, transportation and installation can be problematic. Such a 36-column-supported large account requires 500 ropes to be fixed. And inside, from one end to the other, you have to go 300 steps. The height, the second floor, is not half-story, and it is really necessary to use a rope ladder to get up and down.

The second record of the history book is extremely particular, and it is translated into modern Chinese, which is luxury. The 36 pillars mentioned above are all coated with gold. The walls of the account are covered with red silk, Jin Jin, which ordinary people may not see in their lifetime. In the four corners, each has a lifelike golden eagle. Other furnishings, nothing is gold and silver baby. Outside the giant account, it was covered with brocades of various colors. The four corners of the top of the account are a gold ball with a silver crescent logo on it. Another point I have to mention is that such a big account, only one of Timur the Great, from his big wife to eight wives, have their own small accounts.
In this giant sweat account, Timur often holds extravagant banquets to entertain the ministers of the countries. At the banquet, the designated beverage is a specialty kumiss. In the era when there is no production line and the second is not mixed with fake wine, people can guarantee unlimited supply and no drunk. The plate serving is non-gold or silver, andSteel aluminum tent it is all mega. There are horses and cattle in the meat, and the fruit has ginkgo, almonds, grapes and so on. There are also standards for eating. The servants must fill up when they see less food in the dish, and they are still immediate. That's more, it must be taken away directly. According to records, the number of cooked meat brought back has been so long that a group of people have been eating for half a year. I don't know how people are preserving corruption. Anyway, the history book says so.
At that time, where the whips of Timur the Great pointed, where his iron ride rushed, where his giant account would be tied. In 1404, Timur recognized the opportunity to mature, and the 200,000-strong army attacked the Ming Dynasty. It is not as good as days. In 1405, Timur, who was still on the march, suddenly died of illness. Timur's incomparably luxurious huge account, there is no chance to be tied to the land of China.