How to buy tents and moisture pads

Update:06 Mar 2020

Tent purchase-size How to choose the size of the tent s […]

Tent purchase-size
How to choose the size of the tent should not be a problem. If you need personal space, choose a single account. If you want to experience the outdoor with your lover, buy a double account. If you want to go out with family and friends, buy 3-4 people. account. But keep in mind that tents are not just for people, but for your other things, so leave plenty of space. Many tents have entrance halls, but they are different in size and quantity. It is best to take into account the space required for the items when purchasing.China Custom Steel Aluminum Tents
Tent purchase-account pole
Many people think that aluminum pole tents are lighter than fiberglass pole tents. In fact, the weight of a tent does not depend on what kind of account pole it uses. The same double fiberglass pole tents are about 150 grams lighter when they are replaced with aluminum poles Many FRP pole tents can also be made very light.
The real advantage of aluminum alloy poles is their durability. FRP poles will break when used frequently, tents cannot be built, and this problem also occurs at low temperatures. In addition to the bending of aluminum alloy rods, it will not break during normal use, and the integrity of aluminum alloy rods is better than that of FRP rods.
Aluminum pole tents are more expensive than FRP poles, but they are not out of reach. Recently, many aluminum pole tents around 400-500 have appeared, which is a good news for donkeys.
Tent purchase-style
Tents are designed with different uses in mind and come in different styles. As far as the shape of the tent is concerned, there are five types of common tents:
Triangular tent: Herringbone iron pipe is used as a support at the front and back. The middle frame is connected by a cross bar to support the inner tent and the outer tent can be installed. This is the most common tent style in the early days.
Dome-shaped tent (also known as yurt style): It adopts double pole cross support, which is relatively easy to disassemble and install, and it is the most popular style on the market at present.
Hexagonal tents: three- or four-pole cross supports, and some also use six-pole designs, focusing on the stability of the tent, is a common style of "alpine" tents.
Bottom-shaped tent: It can be divided into two poles and three poles in different ways of support after being lifted up. It is usually a bedroom in the middle and a hall shed at both ends. It is also common to pay attention to the wind-proof and streamlined design. One of the tent styles.
Ridge-shaped tent: It looks like an independent small tile house, usually with four corners and four pillars, and a ridge-like structured roof. This tent is generally tall and heavy, suitable for motorists or relatively fixed field operations. Used for camping, so it is called a car tent.
Tent purchase-weight
Many people are extremely concerned about the weight of the tent. Everyone wants to carry a lightweight "house" to go out, but I don't recommend blindly pursuing lightness. It may be possible in the south, but the summer in the north is too short. To make the tent very light, we must make compromises in materials, such as gauze where nylon cloth was originally used, 190t where 210t was used, etc., which directly caused a decrease in thermal insulation. So, ask yourself when purchasing: Is such a light tent suitable for my environment?