How to choose a safe place for outdoor tents?

Update:11 May 2019

Near water: camping is inseparable from water, and it i […]

Near water: camping is inseparable from water, and it is the first element of choosing a camp. Therefore, when choosing a camp, you should choose to be close to streams, lakes, and rivers to get water. However, the camp cannot be tied to the river beach. Some rivers have power plants upstream. During the water storage period, the river beach is wide and the water flow is small. Once the water is released, the river beach will be filled up, including some streams. Usually it will be small. When flooding or flash floods occur, we must pay attention to prevent such problems, especially in the rainy season and flood-prone areas.
Leeward: camping in the wild, can not help but consider the problem of leeward, especially in some valleys, river beaches, should choose a place to lee. Also pay attention to the orientation of the tent door and do not face the wind. The leeward is also considered safe and convenient to use fire.Relief Tents Manufacturers from China
The cliff: When camping, the camp cannot be tied under the cliff. This is very dangerous. Once the wind blows on the mountain, it may scrape stones and other things, causing casualties.
Near the village: There is something urgent about the camp near the village to ask the villagers for help. It is even more important when there is no firewood, vegetables, food, etc. Near the village is also a near road, that is, close to the road, to facilitate the movement and transfer of the team.
Back shade: If it is a camp that needs to live for more than two days, in a good weather, you should choose a place with a shaded place. For example, under the big tree and the north side of the mountain, it is best to look at the sun instead of the sun. In this way, if you rest during the day, the tent will not be too hot.
Lightning protection: In the rainy season or in multiple lightning areas, the camp must not be tied to high ground, high trees or relatively flat ground. It is easy to get lightning strikes.