How to choose a winter tent

Update:30 May 2019

How to choose a tent that suits you. I think we should […]

How to choose a tent that suits you. I think we should consider the following points.
First, in what environment, temperature, wind speed, rainfall, determine the material of your choice of tent.
Many people think that you can choose a warm sleeping bag or bring heating equipment. Any problem is solved. I want to say that your heating equipment is very heavy, and what is it that is heated, is it limited, how much is a liter, is it consumed? Product? Can you put the frozen equipment that you carry in your sleeping bag?Pagoda Tents Manufacturers
Therefore, choosing a warm tent is much more cost-effective. The domestic and foreign winter tents on the market are as low as several hundred to several thousand. How to choose it, personally feel that in addition to foreign high-priced black technology tents, other tents have thermal performance and domestic Almost, so it still supports domestic products. Why are there hundreds and some thousands? The reason is that the temperature difference between the inside and the outside will generate a lot of water vapor, which will condense inside the tent. It will reduce the service life of the tent for a long time. The poor water vapor will penetrate into the tent. It is difficult to eliminate in cotton, and it will rot and have a pungent smell after a long time. Even when the temperature drops dramatically, the water freezes into ice and the tent is difficult to store. If you want to use it for a long time, it is recommended to buy more than 1,000 yuan.
Second, what is your own vehicle, some people are hiking, some people have motorcycles, some people have cars.
There are cars that can choose to add a little more cotton, build a little faster, I believe that I will determine your day's happiness in a few seconds and a few seconds. The domestic price is around 2,000 yuan. Some people will think that 2000 can buy a few hundred dollars each year I am new. I just want to say that you count the money burned by the daily heating equipment, definitely more than 2000 in your province.
Recommend a few brands for everyone
Recommend one, the Eskimo, the oldest ancestor of the winter tent does not say much, said that the domestically produced, used to know, are high domestic anti-goods, origin Hebei or Jilin. The authentic price is equivalent to more than 5,000 yuan, and friends who like it can go over the wall to visit the official website. The gap between workmanship and domestic imitation is still very obvious. The shortcoming is that the color has a single light transmittance. Friends who like ice fishing are recommended to use the lighting.