Five common tents

Update:14 Feb 2020

There are five common tents in our market. According to […]

There are five common tents in our market. According to the shape, these five types of tents are triangle tents, hexagonal tents, dome tents, ship bottom tents, and room tents.
Each type of tent has its own advantages and disadvantages. Let me talk about the differences between these tents and how to choose the right tent.
Triangle tent
Triangular tents are erected with herringbone iron pipes, most of which have a pillar in the middle to connect and support the tent inside. This kind of tent is cheap and easy to install, the disadvantage is not resistant to wind. Suitable for summer weather.Steel Aluminum Tents Manufacturers
This triangular tent is beautiful and practical. High-quality PU fabric with good shading and UV resistance. Convenient storage, suitable for summer camping or beach play.
Hexagonal tent
The volume of the hexagonal tent is larger than that of the triangular tent. It has good stability and wind resistance and can be used in high mountains. However, hexagonal tents are relatively heavy. Unless you have a car, it is unrealistic to lift it up the mountain yourself. Large interior space for double
This hexagonal tent is made of 20D silicone waterproof fabric with good waterproof effect. It is tightly wrapped around, not leaking, windproof and cold resistant. High-quality nylon fabric, wear-resistant and tear-resistant, suitable for alpine camping.
Dome tent
Dome tents are a bit like yurts and are currently popular tents. It generally adopts two-bar cross support, which has certain stability and wind resistance. Because the bracket is simple, installation and removal are very fast, and it is very suitable for novices. Its price is between hexagons and triangles, the price is moderate, and the sense of space is also very good!
This tent tent is made of 210T polyester fabric + special waterproof coating, which has a good waterproof effect. The bottom tent is made of 150D Oxford cloth, which is waterproof and moisture-proof and durable. Suitable for double camping.
Bottom tent
The bottom tent is a relatively new type of tent that looks like a small boat upside down. In fact, it is similar to the image of some foreign houses. It is a family tent with a bedroom and a small living room. It has a good sense of space and wind resistance, and the price is relatively high.
House tent
This kind of tent is relatively high-end and handles wind and water well. Its shape resembles a small tile house, and the supporting structure is four pillars. The roof is ridged, which can reduce the impact of strong winds. Generally there are multiple rooms and living rooms, and the space is very good, just like a mobile house.
This fishing tent is evolved on the basis of a house tent. It is specially designed for winter fishing. It not only protects against wind and cold, but also keeps warm. It is suitable for fishing lovers.
The above types of tents, triangle tents and dome tents are more suitable for novices, ship tents and house tents are more suitable for group use. Hexagonal tents are recommended for alpine camping.