Is the tent good for aluminum or glass? why

Update:11 Apr 2019

The rod is the two largest pieces in the tent. The mate […]

The rod is the two largest pieces in the tent. The materials are divided into several main types: glass drill rods, carbon fiber rods and aluminum and gold rods. High-end products also have titanium alloy rods!
The main purpose of the pole is to support the clothes and keep out the wind. Therefore, it requires good toughness, high elasticity, and should not be broken. The distinction between good and bad is also mainly here.
In these kinds of rods, everyone generally chooses aluminum rods, but many people choose aluminum rods because the aluminum rods that are filtered will be lighter than the rods. The actual aluminum Aluminum tentrods are similar to the weight of the glass rods, and some even It is heavier than the drill rod, and the actual support characteristics of the fiberglass rod are slightly higher than that of the ordinary aluminum rod.
But one of his most important weaknesses is long-term repeated use, and it is easy to crack when used at low temperatures, losing its original elasticity, and sometimes breaking it!
Therefore, glass drill rod tents will generally be distributed with a length of aluminum tube to prevent spare! However, the latest one, which was recently introduced by Luxe, "PE fiberglass rod", changed this shortcoming, and wrapped the carbon fiber reinforced concrete with PE material to prevent cracking, and also improved the support force of the carbon fiber rod 50/100. Although the weight has increased, but the price is cheap!
The glass drill rod is divided into a yellow rod and a black rod. Among them, the black rod is the most common, but the quality performance of the yellow rod is much more expensive. There used to be a yellow pole.
The aluminum rods are more diverse, and it is difficult to find out the differences in the specifications of the brand, materials, and origin. But most of the common poles are written by Korean Air Aluminum.
The quality of aluminum rods is generally not easy to distinguish, but a good aluminum rod, generally single-stage aluminum rod is not easy to bend, it is easy to bend, the work is fine, the appearance is smooth, the interface is compact, the paint is bright and not easy to fall off, and the texture is And in each section of the head will be engraved with the brand name, light texture, high elasticity, generally 4 meters long 8MM aluminum rod can be nested into a circle and constantly! And after a few days of bending for a long time, it can rebound to a straight bar after being released!
The number of other poles is also critical. Generally speaking, the more rods, the more stable, the higher the wind resistance and snow-proof collapse performance, so the general alpine account will choose to use 5 or even more poles to support! !
1, aluminum rods have good toughness, high elasticity, and are not easy to break. The time of the glass rod is easy to crack, and the aluminum rod generally does not crack.
2, in general, the aluminum rod will be a little lighter.
3, the glass rod is not conductive, the aluminum rod is conductive. However, when thunderstorms, when the lightning strikes the glass rod tent and the aluminum pole tent, the harm caused by the aluminum rod tent will actually be less. The focus is not on this. The selection of the account is only a secondary measure. The focus is on grasping the choice of the camp and lightning protection measures.
After the aluminum rod is broken, the fracture is a cross-section. If the pole repair kit is worn, the temporary use can be repaired immediately. After the glass steel rod was broken, it was cut like bamboo, and it could not be used.
Good aluminum alloy poles, the price is more expensive. The aluminum rods used in many domestic cheap tents do not represent the price of good aluminum rods. They are different in elasticity (whether it can be bent into a circle, whether it is resilience), support power and weight, 6 heads and 7 characters. The aluminum difference of the head is even large, polishing 1 time and polishing 4 times, 6 times, all at completely different prices. If you say that it is not good for a cheap tent, a good price for an aluminum pole is more expensive than a whole cheap tent.
But for the novice, the ordinary camping glass rod is OK, because the ordinary camping temperature is not too low, the equipment requirements are not high; for the old man, it will require higher and better equipment, completely look at the individual s Choice.

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