Military Plaques Approved To Sell

Update:10 Aug 2019

Military Plaques has been approved by Air Force Tradema […]

Military Plaques has been approved by Air Force Trademark and Licensing Program to produce Air Force Products.
United States, April 04,2014/ -- Indiana, USA, April 2013 “ American leading plaque manufacturer, Military Plaques has been officially licensed by the Unites States Air Force, allowing production of Air Force symbol with their products in compliance with the Trademark Act of 1946 or the U.S. Trademark Law. The law enforces all brand owners to have a valid license to manufacture, produce, or distribute for sale Air Force-branded products.

Air Force Trademark and Licensing Program, on Military Tents Supplierstheir confirmation email sent to the American Plaque Company stated:
œWe have received your signed license agreement, advance payment and physical samples. You are officially licensed with the United States Air Force to sell items (listed in Exhibit 1 of the Table of Exhibits) bearing the Air Force Symbol and Emblem.

American Plaque Company is now officially included in the licensed vendors list of Air Force Trademark and Licensing Program website seen on

John Joe Morgan, Representative for announced that Military Plaques is grateful and happy that the license application has been approved:

œWe are happy to announce that we are approved by the Air Force Trademark and Licensing Program to produce and manufacture Air Force products Our goal is not only to give high quality products and service to our valued customers, but we also want them to know that we are a company who adheres with the guidelines that maintains the integrity of the country's Air Force trademarks..

For over 20 years, Military Plaques manufactures a wide range of wooden plaques, desk nameplates, shadow boxes and other custom wood items for the United States Air Force. To see Military Plaques' Air Force products, visit