Ordinary tent

Update:12 Sep 2019

The use of various tents is different. Let's talk about […]

The use of various tents is different. Let's talk about the way the ordinary tents are used.
First choose the camp, and lay the tent's internal account onChina Custom Relief Tents Suppliers the ground (usually the internal account, but there are also some who first put the foreign account up and hang it inside, such as Eurohike, the principle is to wear the layer of the account) Take out the folded poles, straighten one section (usually 7 knots), and join them into a long pole. According to the instructions on the instructions, wear them into the pole cover on the tent. The common tent is a cross-dressing method.
Both poles are worn. Insert one end of each rod into the hole in the corner of the tent, then the two people hold the two heads of the activity at the same time, put the rod in the top, and let the tent arch, until the head can be inserted into the small In the hole, after inserting it, the shape of the tent becomes, and the intersection of the poles is tied with a rope, and the direction of the door is selected, and the tent can be fixed on the ground. Use the ground nails, hook the four corners of the ring into the soil, let the bottom of the account stretch, the whole tent is tight. Then hang the external account, open the foreign account, and on the inner account, the tent will be set up.

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