Solve the problem of heating in the tent

Update:13 Mar 2020

Generally, steam lamps are used for heating, but a good […]

Generally, steam lamps are used for heating, but a good steam lamp SMR or other tents have the best space and good ventilation. In order to

prevent the tent from being damaged, the oxygen supply must be maintained. weerewr. Most of the lamp wicks on the market are extremely poisonous

(not recommended in North America). It is best not to use them. It is better to buy a steam lamp than to keep a warm sleeping bag. it is good.China Relief Tents Manufacturers

There we set up tents, set fires to heat, and cook food. We put up tents, built fire and cooked food. I was so tired that I fell asleep very

early. I was so tired that I fell into sleep. Automatically controlled hot-air stoves, water heaters, or lighting heating lamps are all possible.

Generally, small-scale heating lamps are sufficient. . We put up the tent, then made a fire to cook meals .. First of all, we must understand why

the tent frosts. Everyone has experienced the icing flowers on the glass. The principle of tent frosting is the same as this. Because the tent

itself is very thin, the outside temperature in winter is often below 0 degrees. The temperature inside the tent will be slightly higher than the

outside temperature due to the heat emitted by us and the tent is a closed space. Steam lamps are okay, but you need to maintain good ventilation,

pay attention to safety ... warm baby, or hot water mug ... but it is best to bring appropriate sleeping bags and clothes. If it snows, ordinary

two-story tents can't stand it. It is best to choose a four season account. If it has a snow skirt function, it is even better. For heating, you

need a sleeping bag and a moisture-proof pad. Of course, if you are going to Tibet or Sichuan Siguniang Mountain in a snowy environment, then it

is recommended to choose a professional alpine tent with a waterproof coefficient of more than 3000mm. This.