Tent care experience

Update:26 Jul 2019

1. When climbing a mountain or camping, if it is a good […]

1. When climbing a mountain or camping, if it is a good weather, please take a moment to dry the tent. When the sun is very large, it can be about a few minutes. The inside of the outer account, the inside of the inner account and the outer cloth, the sun is not big, you can

Spread it up or put it on another tent to blow it.
2. If you have more than a few days of climbing or can't dry and retreat, you can also take advantage of the big break during the trip or take the tent out for lunch. (Of course you must first have the ability to quickly store the tent, otherwise everyone will come out

It’s still a shame to send it slowly.)
3. When you are drying the tent at the end of the event, youRelief Tents Manufacturers must spend more time on the dry tent when you return home (because the mold may have started to grow). If you are indoors, it will be spread out and blown up with a fan, especially inside the outer ledger.

I have to remember to turn the inside corners out of the dry, Xiaobian has encountered other places are good, only the inner account of the four corners of the strip.
4. Use your tent a lot and reduce the time it takes in the bag. This allows the tent to be ventilated and dried regularly to reduce the accumulation of moisture. If it is really impossible, at least every 3 weeks, take it out and spread it out.

period of time.
The drying of the tent is very important: in the hot and humid climate, the storage and maintenance of the tent is a big test. Usually the wet tent will start to grow in about 24 hours. Mold can cause serious damage to the waterproof layer of the tent. If it is not very serious mold, you can use the tent's special lotion to clean, reduce mold growth.