Tent Raising For Beginners

Update:01 Nov 2019

Are you are a first time camper or have you just purcha […]

Are you are a first time camper or have you just purchased a new tent and really aren't sure how it goes up, try it out at home in case it collapses on you so your friends and family don't have a story to tell around the camp fire. So here are a few simple rules for raising that new tent.

First find the poles. If the fly and vestibule have China Custom Pagoda Tentspoles put those aside for later assembly. Now snap the pole sections together. There is an elastic cord inside the poles which will make this easy.

Now is the time to put the poles on the tent. If your tent has windows open them before you put the poles on the tent. Next is to determine whether or not your tent has sleeves or pole clips. If your tent has sleeves thread the pole through the sleeve beginning at one corner to the opposite corner. Thread all the poles before putting the poles in the pole pockets. Now insert the poles into the pockets and your tent is up. If you have pole clips, which is a lot easier, put the poles in the pole pockets and clip the tent to the poles.

Next step is to stake out your tent. Check the floor and make sure it is pulled out evenly. If you have wrinkles from one corner to the other it is pulled too tight in the direction of the wrinkle. Reposition the stakes until the wrinkle is gone and the floor is even and flat.

Your almost done but you need to put on the fly. Match the fly door with the tent door. Now before you buckle the fly at the corners make sure they are a little loose because if they are over tightened the fly will stretch and sooner or later will be out of alignment.

Sometimes the weather doesn't cooperate and you need to be prepared for that occasion. That means adding guy lines. If it starts to become windy or rainy you need to add guy lines on the side of the tent were the wind and rain are coming from. Placing two lines on that side is better than one on the side and one on the back.

Now your tent is up and ready for you to move in. It's OK. Pat yourself on the back for a job well done.

Just one last thing for that first time camper. When you arrive at the camp ground find a spot that is as flat as possible, believe me this won't be that easy, and clean the area thoroughly to remove anything that can damage the floor of your tent. If you think it might rain look for high ground so you don't end up sitting in a pool of water.

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