What are the characteristics of industrial warehouse tents?

Update:30 Sep 2019

First, the warehouse tent has mobility, flexibility, an […]

First, the warehouse tent has mobility, flexibility, and at the same time without losing security, it can be expanded or reduced according to the needs of the enterprise, and the Storage tents Factorydisassembly and assembly is convenient;
Second, the warehouse tent is adaptable, the requirements for the environment are not very high, and the general ground can be built. Even ordinary grass, concrete, etc. can be built;
Third, the warehouse tent has good lighting, which can save a lot of electricity consumption costs. The general warehouse tents are mainly equipped with tarpaulins made of aluminum alloy frames, and the tarpaulins have good light transmission and can be seen without lighting during the day. Of course, if you need a tarpaulin with good shading, you can also choose an opaque tarpaulin to achieve the effect.
Fourth, the warehouse tent has a good thermal insulation effect, generally can play a thermal insulation effect on the stored items. Warehouse sheds used as warehouses are generally double-layered and can also be used as mobile refrigerated warehouses.