What do you need to bring to the beach to camp?

Update:17 May 2019

1. Strong tents. The tents are divided into alpine tent […]

1. Strong tents. The tents are divided into alpine tents and low mountain tents, as well as tents for the four seasons. Ask the store when you buy. In fact, like the seaside, it is mainly sunscreen and windproof, so the general quality is a little better, and there is no need to pay extra attention. If you feel that it is too much trouble to bring a tent, you can rent a tent at the seaside, the price is slightly more expensive.
2, backpack. In addition to placing a variety of sundries, you can also hold the tent, not easily blown away by the wind, of course, if you have valuable items, it is recommended to rent a safe.Custom Relief Tents Suppliers in China
3, change clothes. If you go to the beach, of course you have to swim. Otherwise, you may feel a little pity. Bring your swimsuit and swimming clothes and wash your clothes. If you have slippers, you can bring them by the way. Otherwise, you may be slaughtered at the beach. In the evening, the sea breeze will be very cold and cold, so be sure to bring thicker clothes. Otherwise, the night will be trembling overnight.
4, the camera. Romantic things need to be recorded, so bring your camera and prepare a few more batteries. The best time to take pictures is in the evening, because the sun is not very strong, people who like photography will catch this short tens of minutes. And the camera requirements are not too high to take a good photo. In the evening, it is estimated that you can only hear the sound of the waves.
5, lighting or flashlight. This should be chosen according to the specific conditions of the beach, but if you think the lighting is a little big, you can bring a small table lamp or a flashlight or a lighter. I don't recommend using a mobile phone as a flashlight. Because it is easy to burn the flash when it is turned on for a long time, it will not be worth the loss.
6, sunscreen and skin care products. In fact, as a man, this thing is optional, but for girls who love beauty, it is essential. Because the sea breeze and the sun are very poisonous during the day, it is very cold at night.
7, barbecue food. It’s a happy thing to have a barbecue chat on the beach. We can rent a barbecue on the beach and bring our own materials, which is safe and not too expensive. If the conditions permit, you can make a barbecue by yourself and bring along the tools. Water and bread, I don't have to say it, definitely take it! In addition, you can also bring small food such as chewing gum. Warm reminder, don't eat anything in one night, leave some snacks until tomorrow for breakfast.