What is a bubble tent

Update:18 Apr 2019

The bubble tent bubble tent looks and feels like a huge […]

The bubble tent bubble tent looks and feels like a huge goldfish bowl, but it is actually a completely transparent inflatable tent.
Unlike traditional camping tents, there are plenty of facilities in this transparent tent – ​​wardrobes, bookshelves and lights, which make the bubble look more like a mobile hotel room.Custom Pagoda Tents Manufacturers in China
The bubble tent has been released, with a rent of £400 per night, and many British tourists have flocked to try this new camping experience. The French designer Pierre Stephane Dumas of this bubble tent believes that the experience of nature in this bubble tent is absolutely extraordinary.
Mr. Duma said in the interior of the bubble tent: "Many people have never experienced falling asleep under the night sky with stars, or can clearly see the sunrise and sunset. Using ordinary tents and campers means people will miss these wonderful things. So I designed this kind of bubble tent with a bedroom to provide the occupants with a space that is both comfortable and able to see the outside scenery. Through the ceiling, guests will be able to fully enjoy the whole process of sunrise and sunset. Waiting for extraordinary natural sights."
It is understood that the design specification "CristalBubble" is to accommodate two adults, but there is also a smaller children's bedroom. This is a tent that is designed to be completely transparent and will give a 360 degree view of the person living in it. In addition, due to personal issues, Mr. Duma also designed another version he called "cocooning". The version of the sky is still completely transparent, but the interior is not visible from the outside. There is another design called BubbleLodge, which is more like a small villa with even a small bathroom.
Once the tent is inflated, the external sound is kept to a minimum and the internal sound is amplified. According to Mr. Duma, this creates a quiet space for those who live inside.