Windproof tent

Update:20 Sep 2019

Windproof tent, which is mainly composed of a canopy fr […]

Windproof tent, which is mainly composed of a canopy frame, a foreign account, an internal account, a buckle and a waterproof mat; the diagonal line along the rectangular outer account is symmetrically Custom Pagoda Tents Manufacturersdistributed with a certain number of air ducts, between the adjacent two air ducts. Separated by a cloth loop, the four corners of the outer ledger are provided with buckles; the awning skeleton passes through the cloth loop on the outer ledger, and the two ends are inserted into the buckle ring tents to be propped up, when the wind blows from the direction to the tent and When blocked by it, the wind will be dispersed by the air duct on the outer ledger and then flow along the air duct. Since these air ducts have a certain curvature and are symmetrically distributed, the force of the wind on the tent is large in the horizontal direction. The parts cancel each other out, and the wind has a certain downward pulling force on the tent when the wind flows along the air passage. Thus, the interaction of the wind itself greatly reduces the destructive power of the wind on the tent, and effectively protects the tent in the wind and rain. Stability.