Steel aluminum tents

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Steel aluminum tent Details

1. The frame is made of high quality steel and aluminum profile. It is strong and safe. The price is cheaper than the full aluminum alloy structure.
2. Sunshade tarpaulin made of advanced synthetic fiber and double PVC material has the advantages of high strength, wind resistance, rain proof, sunscreen and flame retardant.
3, simple assembly and disassembly is the best product for outdoor exhibitions.
4. The tarpaulin can be folded. After the frame is dismantled, it is small in size and convenient for transportation and storage.
5. Unit combination structure can be freely increased or divided according to the size of the site.
6, no need for load-bearing props inside the steel aluminum tents, and the site is 100%.
7. There is no special requirement for building sites, such as grass, asphalt and cement.
8. clear span from 3 to 50m availble