pre-sale service:


The company will ask the customer's request for the tent when receiving the customer inquiry, and provide our professional knowledge according to the specific requirements of the customer. Arrange the engineer to design the overall effect of the tent for the customer. For customers to see the effect of the tent after construction, in order to achieve customer satisfaction. Our sales staff provides customers with real-life pictures of our various materials, allowing customers to more intuitively enjoy the panoramic view of the tent


Rental service:


The ruikai rental tents are rich in specifications and accessories. In addition to dozens of conventional size business tents, workshop tents, and storage tents, the leased products offer custom rentals of unconventional sizes, providing individual interiors and complementary subsystem services such as power, water, and lighting. , fire, surveillance, access control, etc. In short, Shute tent rental can meet almost all customer needs. It can meet the rental needs of regular and very large sizes.


Custom service


Our company has professional technicians and work teams to accept the customization needs of customers. We can provide customized services in addition to our regular tents according to the specific requirements of our customers.